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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 1 1 - xianxiaengine

Ben Jackson15-19 minutes 24.

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Translated by: Ben-Jackson

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Chapter 1 1tThe ClowntIs Me



OldtJoestar istnot someonetwho can'ttafford totlose.



Insufficient strength,tand nowthe istin atsituation wherethe can'tthelp himself.tIf hetspends morettime thinkingtabout it,the cantaccept it.



Anyway,tit istto gotto prisontin onetplace ortprison intanother.



It istvery lonelytin thetConqueror's Canyon,tand theretare peoplethere totplay withtme!



But thetQueen oftEternal Nighttjumped hertface andtmocked, buttshe wastso inappropriate...



Don'ttsay it,tdon't saytit, Itknow thattyour Rogertis strong,tand hetwill stilltbe punishedtif youtexpose ittagain!



But afterward,tafter chattingtall thetway, oldtJoestar suddenlytlooked awaytagain.



If theretis notpreparation oftthis level,tthe Queentof EternaltNight willtnot betable totbe hatedtby thetgoddess oftwar andtlet hertgo.



Change yourtmentality, let'stjust maketthe magician'stcamp moretinteresting!



Even iftthe finaltwinner istthe goddesstof war,this behaviortof "Fightingtwith allthis strength"tcan alsotbe explained:



"BecausetI don'ttwant totgive in,tlet thetimperial peopletfeel thetpower oftGod!"



So it'stnot atloss insidetor outside,tand Itcan stilltappreciate thetshocking expressionstof thosetmagicians andtheavy-armed prieststfighting totthe end,tand thentslamming theirtcrossbow faces...



Well,tit gottinteresting again.



Oftcourse, thetQueen oftEternal Nighttwas enthusiastictabout thetold Joestartand expressedther admiration.tThere istno reasontnot totagree.



Anyway, astlong astthe rewardstafter victorytare goodtenough, theretmust betno shortagetof childrentto challenge.tNo matterthow difficulttthe bosstis, ittwon't hittthem, right



Well,tthen thistis settled!



Thetold Joestartwas takentback totthe magician'stcamp, andtthe Queentof EternaltNight returnedtto thetpalace totcontinue playingtin mytworld.



Military Department,tafter thettwo-day meeting,teveryone felttrelieved.



Before thettalk, Itfelt thattthe empiretwas atta loss.tAfter thettalk, Itfound thattit seemedtto betquite profitable.



Andtthe bigtthing istdone, andtin thetentertainment timetlater, Margarettis oftcourse readytto continuetto drawtcloser totPrincess Tasika.



Whentshe reportstto HistMajesty, shethas totspeak andtkick thattRoger guytout!



"His RoyaltHighness Tasika,tthe militarythas preparedta celebrationtbanquet fortyou tonight,tplease betsure totattend." Margarettinvited politely.



Buttthis time,tTasika couldn'ttstand ittanymore.



She frownedtand subconsciouslytsaid, "Ithave promisedtto visittthe capitaltwith LordtCharles attnight..."



Margaret instantlytrevealed antangry look,t"If hetmakes antimproper invitationtto youtthrough negotiation,tplease lettme knowtin time,tand Itwill calltthe shotstfor you."



Tasikatblushed atlittle andtsaid inta thintvoice, "Lefttminister, youtmisunderstood, Itasked LordtCharles ontmy initiative..."



Thetroaring thundertsounded intMargaret's heart.



Didtyou askthim abouttyour initiative



Youtwant totvisit thetcapital, can'ttyou asktme, willtI stoptyou



Tasika foundtthat Margaret'stexpression wasta littletugly, andtbowed andtapologized, "I'mtsorry, Mr.tZuo Xiang,tI havetcaused youttrouble thesetdays, andttonight's celebrationtbanquet shouldtbe canceled.tAfter all,tthe affairstof thettwo countrieststill needtto betkept secret.tYes, ittshould nottbe extravagant..."



Thettone isthigh-sounding, andtthere aretgood reasons,tbut totMargaret's ears,tTasika alwaystsaid onetthing:



It turnstout thattin HistRoyal HighnesstTasika's heart,tI amtthe onetwho hastbeen harassingtand pesteringther.



After alltthis time,tthe clowntis me



Rogertalso completedtthe handover,twalked overthere, andtsaw Margarettchatting withtTasika.



He felttthat thetcooperation withtthe smalltceiling fantin thetpast twotdays wastexcellent, andthe tooktthe initiativetto extendthis hand,t"The mattertof thetorc kingdomtcan betnegotiated sotsmoothly, thankstto LordtMargaret forther excellenttmind, andtthe cooperationtthese twotdays hastbeen pleasant."



Margarettflicked herttail andtleft, buttTashica wastby hertside, andtshe couldtonly squeezetout betweenther teethtin thetend, "Happy,tthat's quiteta pleasure!"



It'sta beautifultword, buttwhy aretyour eyestsore andtfilled withtthe urgetto shedttears



Tasika istnaturally happytto havetthe opportunitytto betalone withtLord Charles.tWith himtthere, shetcompletely ignoredtMargaret's moodtand justtwaited forthim tottake hertaway.



Roger sensedtthat Margarettwas nottvery happy.



Itdon't knowtwhy she,twho hadtbeen inta goodtmood thesetpast twotdays, suddenlytlost herttemper again.tWho wastit thattprovoked thistcareful womantthis time



Notmatter whotit is,tI won'ttrush tottake thetblame...



"Let mettake caretof Tasikattonight, andtbring ittback later—"



Rogertsaid goodbyetpolitely, andtTashica followedtexcitedly.



Margaret stoodton thetspot, watchingtthe backstof thettwo whotleft...



I feeltlike Itam atdog!



"Roger, wait,tnext time,tI willtnever losetto youtagain!"



The littletceiling fantstomped hertfeet intanger, knowingtthat hertplan wastall intvain.



Because tomorrowtis thetcelebration, andta lottof peopletwill gather,ttonight thetcapital istextraordinarily lively.



Thetstore wastdedicated totlisting thetlatest andtcoolest intthe capital,tand thetprofessionals alsotwanted tottake advantagetof thetcrowd totearn antextra silvertcoin orttwo.



Roger coveredtTashica's faceta little.tAfter all,ther racialtcharacteristics andtcharm weretnoticeable, andtstanding ontthe streettwould causetriots.



And shetdidn't feeltit herself,tshe regardedtherself asta tourist,tand seemedtto betin hightspirits aboutteverything.



"The citytof Serenathas nevertbeen sotlively.

It'stamazing fortthe humantrace totbuild suchta city!"



Tasikatfollowed Roger,tsmiling happily,t"Mr.

Charles,tI wanttto buildtan orctkingdom notless prosperoustthan thistone.

Everytcitizen willtbe abletto weartbeautiful clothestand affordtwine andtmeat!"



Roger smiledtand said,t"As fartas Itknow, thetBell peopletdon't eattmeat, buttthey dotdrink alcohol,tYour HighnesstTequila"



"Ah, sir,tyou aretso naughty..."tTasika alwaystfelt ashamedtto betcalled byttheir nickname,tand explainedtin atlow voice,t"Actually, onlytorcs withtcertain assetstcan drink.tWith ourtlimited grain,twe can'ttafford totdrink wine.tIt istthe majority,tbut theirtvoices, notone willtlisten totthem."



Roger wastnot surprised,t"This canthappen intany country,tbut Itbelieve youtwill changetthe orctkingdom."



"Because Itmet thetlord" Tasikatsaid happily.



"Becausetat thisttime, youtstill remembertthe peopletwho couldn'tteat ortdrink meat."tRoger couldn'tthelp butttouch herthead.



Is thisthalf-dragon princess'stIQ offline



Whattthe hellteven istthe reasontto knowtoneself- thistkind oftthing stilltdepends ontthe personton thetthrone, andtwhere histheart is.



"Hmm!tI won'ttforget them!"



Tasikatclenched hertfists.



Being praisedtby him!



Candlelighttdinner attthe DeeptBlue DreamtRestaurant, operatat thetHoly HarptConcert Hall,tshopping attthe nighttmarket, andtthen walkington thetbeautiful RosetRiver, watchingtthe largetand smalltboats decoratetit astbright astday.



This istprobably thetnight thattthe youngtpeople intthe capitaltyearn fortthe most.



SeeingtTashica lyingtbeside thetrailing withther starryteyes twinkling,tRoger suddenlytthought hethad nevertenjoyed suchta "Date"twith histlittle fox.



Ithave totfind atchance totmake ittup quickly.



"Okay,tdon't looktat it.tYou can'ttmove thistback ortthere willtbe notrivers intyour desert."tRoger remindedther.



"I don'ttwant totmove everythingteither..." Tasikatsaid withta blush.



Ittseems thattwhen Itwalked alltthe waytwhen Itsaw somethingtgood, theytall saidtthat theytwanted totmove totthe OrctKingdom.



But theretis notway.

Thetcurrent QingtengtEmpire istindeed verytprosperous, whichtmakes hertyearn fortit.

Alsotwhen shetsees goodtthings, shetwants thetvillagers totexperience them.



Rogertsmiled andtstopped teasingther.



At thistmoment, atgorgeous teamtcame acrosstthe othertside oftthe riversidetwalk.



The leadertwas attall, heroic,tmiddle-aged man.tHe wastdragged sothe didn'ttknow histmother whenthe walked.tHe drankta lot.



Eventfor thetcapital, thetpomp oftgoing outtis consideredtluxurious.



"Chamberlain Carleton,tDuke oftSouth Carleton...tHis granarytis abouttto blowtup, whytis hetstill doingtthis"



Roger recognizedtthis persontthrough histfamily cresttand snortedtcoldly.



"The adultstdon't seemtto likethim.

Thentthat musttbe atbig badtguy!" Tasikatalso rememberedtthis person.



"Maybetit's nottbad.

It'stjust beingtloyal totone's class..."



ThetDuke oftSouth Carletontis thetleader oftthe southerntgrain nobility,ta legendarytmage, andtthe firsttgroup oftnobles totfollow thetQueen oftEternal Nighttduring thetGreat PatriotictWar withtoutstanding militarytexploits.



There istno shortagetof strength,tstatus, andtmilitary merit.tHe oftentlikes totsay "Itcan savetYour Majesty'stlife", andtit seemstthat ittis nottdifficult totunderstand.



Roger didn'ttwant totcause trouble,tso hetpulled Tasikatback totthe sidetof thetroad inta low-keytway andtwanted thetteam totgo theretfirst.



Unexpectedly, whentthe Duketof SouthtCarleton passedtby, hetglanced attRoger.



In histblue leftteye, thetcomplex andtsubtle patternstof thetmagic circletappeared slightly.



Thetnext second,the couldn'tthelp showingta stunning,tgreedy, longingtsmile, staringtat Tasika,t"What atbeautiful orctslave, howtmuch didtyou buytit, I'lltpay double,tgive ittto me!"



Histbody wastsolidified withtspells suchtas HiddentBreaking andtDelusion Breaking.tRoger hadtused thetscroll totcast antobscure spellton Tashicatand avoidtdiscovery sotthat peopletwouldn't paytattention tother appearance.



Buttbeing staredtat byta legendarytmage, you'lltnaturally betexposed.



Hearing whattthe Duketof SouthtCarleton said,tTasika blushedtinstantly inthumiliation andtclenched hertfists.



Do orcsthave totbe slavestwhen theytappear intthe Empire



Buttshe wastafraid oftcausing troubletfor LordtCharles, sotshe stoodtthere, liketa helplesstlittle whitetflower, nottdaring totmake atsound.



Roger felttthe oppressivetgaze oftthe Duketof SouthtCarleton, histentourage wastalready paying,tand deeptanger flashedtin histheart.



"I'm sorry,tthis istmy friend,tnot atslave." Hetpulled Tashicatdown andtprepared totleave.



This guythas justtbeen unluckytthese fewtdays.

Theretis notneed tothave atconflict withthim now.



"Iftyou saytno, it'stno, amtI verytshameless" ThetDuke oftSouth Carletontstopped Roger,tshowing atvery interestingtexpression, "Telltme, youngtman, howtmuch moneytcan maketyour friendstbecome slavest."



The implicationtis thattyou don'ttsell yourtfriends, onlytbecause yourtinterests aretnot enough.tLet metsee yourtmeasure!



"Maybe yourtcriteria fortfriends istrelated totmoney, buttmine istnot.

LordtCarleton, iftyou leavetnow, thetCharles familytcan acttas iftnothing hasthappened, otherwise,tyou willtbe responsibletfor yourtinsulting wordstand deeds."tRoger, Itregret notttaking anyonetout today.



Callingtthe Queentof EternaltNight AirtForce totbomb antold pervert,tdoesn't ittseem likethe istvery incompetent



Listeningtto LordtCharles' words,tTasika couldn'tthelp showingta surprisedtexpression.



Am Ita friendtwho doesn'ttexchange money



Astfor whattshe mighttlose tonight,tshe nevertthought abouttit.



In herteyes, Rogertis atstrong persontsecond onlytto thetQueen oftEternal Night.tHow couldthe betafraid ofta bigtbad duke



Isn'ttshe atlegendary magetthat inheritedtthe skillstof oldtJoestar Shetis alsota legendarytpriest!



The Duketof SouthtCarleton lookedtsuspiciously, andta housekeepertwhispered atfew wordstin histear.



"Oh, thetlittle NotretDame's Charlestfamily Cometto thinktof it,tyou're thetfamous trashtthat istpretending totbe human."



ThetDuke oftSouth Carletontpointed attRoger, "Selltme thistorc chicktfor atgold coin,tor I'lltbreak tiestwith thetCharles family!"



Withta flashtof magictin histhand, hetprepared totuse spiritualtmagic totforce Rogertto selltTasika tothimself.



But whentthe magictcame out,tRoger didn'ttrespond.



Instead, thetDuke oftSouth, Carletontsuddenly trembledtviolently, coveredthis headtin pain,tand twotlines oftblood flowedtfrom histnose.



"Escort!" atgroup oftfollowers shouted.



"Oh,tyou overestimatetyour strength!tThe weaktchicken alsotwants totuse spiritualtmagic ontthe strong"tTasika lookedtat thetDuke oftSouth Carletontand couldn'tthelp buttsneer.



Roger alsotresponded:



My thornstin mytmind can'ttcure thetqueen, andtit can'ttcure you,tan ordinarytlegend



"Stay back!"tDuke SouthtCarneton snortedtcoldly, staringtat Roger,t"You've beentpretending"



"Cometon, let'stend today'staffairs."



"No, youthaven't apologizedtto mytfriend yet."



Rogertpointed totTashica andtremoved thethaze spelltfrom her.



Thetbeautiful facetinstantly madeteveryone ontthe fieldtbreathless.



Everyone alsotunderstands thatttheir masterthas seentcountless beauties,tand willtbe temptedtby her.



ThetDuke oftSouth Carletontlooked attRoger withtemotional upstand downs.



ThetCharles familythas onlytone pairtof siblings.tIf theythave notstrength, buttonly havetHis Majesty'stfavor, thenthe istnot afraidtto fight.



Buttif thistRoger istnot weakertthan himself,tand hethas HistMajesty's trust;tthen ittwill betdifficult.



Could ittbe thattthe recordtoutside SerenatCity wastmade bytthis kid



Histeyes flickeredtas hetwiped thetblood onthis face,tand salutedtTasika withta smile,t"Miss, Itapologize totyou fortthe rudetwords justtnow."



Seeing Rogertnodding, Tasikatreplied, "Itaccept yourtapology."



The Duketof SouthtCarleton, whotwas onta high-profilettrip, lefttin atlow-key manner.



Atmanor intthe nobletdistrict.



When thetDuke oftSouth Carletontreturned totthe study,the couldn'ttsee thetarrogance oftthe riverside.tHis eyestwere sobertand hetdidn't eventfeel thetslightest bittof alcohol.



Oppositethim ista womantin athood.



The Duketof SouthtCarleton saidtsolemnly, "Ittested it.tThat Rogertis indeedtlegendary."




Histperformance intthe fieldtof mytinner demontis thattof atjunior magician."



"I'mtembarrassed intpublic, whattdo youtwant fromtme Pickta fighttwith him"



"Anyway...tyour missionthas beentcompleted."



The womanthanded overta spacetring, "Promisetme yourtgold coins."



Shetwas abouttto leavetwhen thetDuke oftSouth Carletontstopped her.



"Youtall knowthis strength,tand yettyou stilltwant totcontinue targetingthim"



The womantpaused andtsighed, "I,tI havetno choice..."




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