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Han Qingsong, “We can ask the Secretary Head to help establish a rule about that.”


“What rules My words are the rules.

What kind of cadres do you need to get just for a family separation Is it not shameful enough to you!” Old Lady Han shouted angrily.

She asked him to hand over the wages and salaries to the family, but his response was to ask the cadres to make some rules.


These rules were clearly meant for her to restrict her movements; he was resenting her, after all.


The old lady was about to explode.


Han Qingsong said, “Father, the Secretary Head wants to talk to you.

I’ll go back and clean up first as the courtyard wall has not been cleaned up yet.”


He had been taking time out to fix the free space around the small courtyard.

Even though the courtyard wall was built, something should be used to cover it.

Later, he would buy some tiles to finish things up.

Otherwise, it would be easily damaged.


As soon as Han Qingsong left, Old Lady Han started to cry again as she complained that her son was being unfilial.

Old Man Han got a little impatient, “That’s enough.

Our son has a nest full of children, so when it’s time to separate, it should be done. 


“Then why can’t he agree to my terms of providing for the elderly Even if he doesn’t have allowances, he should at the very least provide his work points to the main family,” The old lady said rather confidently.


However, the old man didn’t abide by her wishes, “Let’s talk about it later.

For a couple with five children, it’s not bad for them to be able to support their family.”


If the allowance weren’t going to be as abundant as it was before, it would be difficult for the Third Family to raise their children, let alone fulfil the third daughter-in-law’s wishes to have all her children go to school.


It was already very difficult for one child in the family to go to school, let alone five.


Old Man Han actually didn’t agree with her wishes, but he didn’t want to impose on them or be considered ‘annoying’, so he never brought it up.

He preferred to let things play out naturally as the Third Family would realise it’s a bad idea once they start to starve just to send their kids to school.


Besides, it was necessary for the children to try studying before they could determine whether or not they were academically intelligent enough to keep up with the school’s systems.


The old lady disagreed, “Well, Jinbao and Jinyu still have to go to school.

Both of them need the money…”


Old Man Han, “If the two of them graduate and find jobs, they’re not going to use that much money either…”


“How can I not spend so much money on them For their tuition and miscellaneous expenses, I have to buy books, food and clothes for them.

Besides, finding a job requires connections…”


Before she could finish speaking, the old man had a sour expression on his face, “The children in this house can never have their full share of food; every single one of them are as frail as a twig.

How can you still afford to dress the two of them up while there are kids starving under this roof That is merely the actions of an insane person!”


If you weren’t like this, do you think that Old Three would change his attitude this drastically Old Man Han knew that even though Old Three never expressed his frustrations outright, he definitely harbored some form of resentment in his heart.


He got off the kang, “Okay, I’ll go to the Secretary Head and have a chat to see how tomorrow’s division can be settled.”


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