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Eldest brother Han was speechless and had to go home.


When he told his parents about the matter, Old Man Han sighed, “It’s fine as long as the Old Three have no grudges.

The family is made of flesh and blood, so don’t try to aggravate our bonds any further.

As brothers, you all would have to support each other.”


Eldest brother Han repeatedly said yes.


Old Lady Han was aggrieved and angry at the moment.


She told the old man that the third daughter-in-law scolded her, but he didn’t believe it at all.


He said, “If you were to say that she was threatening you with death threats, I would believe you; but if you’re going to say that she scolded you If she could scold you, why did she try to hang herself and jump into the river before” Not only did he not believe it, even second brother Han didn’t believe it.


Although the second sister-in-law of Han testified, as the eldest sister-in-law did not say anything, naturally no one believed it.


The more the old lady thought about it, the colder her heart became.

The more she thought about how her third son questioned her like that and no longer trusted and respected her like he once did before, she felt  annoyed and uncomfortable.

She kept on feeling like she had something to lose, so she wanted to seize the thing that was going to slip away.


Hence, when Old Man Han asked his eldest son to chat with the Old Three to persuade him, she initially agreed to it.


Originally, she was sure that the Old Three would come back with the eldest son to make amends and apologise to her.

Then, she would force him to give the shrew a good lesson; otherwise, he no longer needed to call her his mother!


Who would have ever thought that he didn’t show up! The old lady became more and more sullen and angry as she was eager to wait for Han Qingsong to come and show him what should be done.


Just after dinner was over, Old Lady Han laid on the kang and was unafraid of the swelling heat as her heart was beating erratically.


At this moment, she heard the children call out to their Third Uncle outside as she sat up instantly.

The whirring sound of the fan was barely audible to her as she plotted on ways to show the Old Three just how pissed off she was.


She was sure that her son would come over to please her, because that was how he had behaved ever since he was a child.

Every time he was scolded, he would just hide and sulk for a brief moment if he was truly unhappy.

But in the end, he would always return to please her.


He would rush to work and make sacrifices to ensure that his mother would be able to eat the best food that he could get his hands on.

Thinking of this, Old Lady Han felt relieved and proud.

She felt like her son was still her own son because he was going to listen to her even in the end.


Therefore, she couldn’t help but sarcastically utter a few words.

After all, the problems of an elder’s accumulated habits would not change until death.


“I’ll say, Old Three, you still have the mindset to come and visit your parents I thought that when you split up, you only remembered your wife and forgot your mother.

That shrew scolded your old mother a while ago, so why didn’t you ask her to kowtow to make amends”


Han Qingsong frowned slightly, “Mother, Lin Lan is not that kind of person.

She only always knew how to torture herself, so how could she dare to scold you”


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