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The eldest brother Han felt distressed for a while. Oh god, they just split up and now they’ve used half-a-year’s worth of oil already.

How were they going to survive in the future


It’s really not going to be a good life for the Third Family if this goes on.


The second child was so jealous, Wow, splitting up the family was a good move indeed.

They can eat such luxurious scrambled eggs once they split up. At home, his monthly intake of food couldn’t even compare to this and he was a man.

For women, their monthly intake of food wouldn’t even amount to half of this.


Merely watching but not being able to eat, second brother Han scratched his ears and cheeks anxiously.


However, eldest brother Han worriedly talked to Han Qingsong, pointing out that it would not be easy to live his life like this.

He must know that he should be frugal as firewood, rice, oil and salt were expensive items— things that he must’ve not known about since he was outstation.


Lin Lan responded graciously and thanked him, looking humble and educated.


Eldest brother Han was very satisfied, but he started bringing up the split meals.

He mentioned that Old Man Han had said that it was unsightly to split their meals.

A family should behave like a family, so he asked Han Qingsong and Lin Lan to cease their anger.

A family should be living in harmony and not in anger.


Han Qingsong glanced at Lin Lan and said, “Eldest brother, don’t take it to heart; I truly don’t resent our mother.

Even if we split up to take care of our children, we are going to make sure that father and mother are well-fed.”


Eldest brother Han knew that he wouldn’t lie, so he said a few words from the past to use some help from past sentiments, “Third brother, we will discuss the separation of the family at home tonight.

Do you think it’s okay”


Han Qingsong nodded, “Sure.”


“Third brother, don’t forget about caring for our parents after you split your family.

Work points, food, and money shouldn’t be lessened,” Second brother Han guessed that the third brother would still be rich even if he changed his career.


Lin Lan was afraid of Han Qingsong’s urge to seal the promise, so she immediately said:, “We will definitely support the elderly, but they are still fine and not everyone has split their families.

Our five children are waiting to eat, so we temporarily don’t have the time to take work points and food.


If they were going to support the elderly, then they should wait till everyone had split their families.

There was no way that their funds should be given to support the old lady’s youngest children.


Han Qingsong glanced at her, “Don’t worry, elder brother and second elder brother, I will definitely follow my older brothers’ examples.”


Eldest brother Han felt that Lin Lan’s words were a bit harsh, but he didn’t say anything.

He also felt that his third brother was different.

If he had asked this before, the third brother would definitely say, “Don’t worry brother, your younger brother will definitely be the first to take care of father and mother,” 


Now, it seemed like he knew how to take care of his own family first.


Second brother Han was not having it, “What are you talking about We aren’t separating our families now, so aren’t we just raising the elderly Our work points and money are used for the family, so why can’t yours be in the pool either”


“How about the fact that you have taken advantage of the family points all this time Eldest brother and the eldest sister-in-law work more laboriously and earn even more; isn’t it an easy life for you if you don’t split up” Lin Lan sneered.

There was no way that she was going to let him take advantage of their situation.


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