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The eldest son yawned; one day of chaos was too much to handle.


Han Qingsong responded and put the cloth in his hand on the windowsill of the east wing before he followed him into the main room.


The Old Lady Han said bluntly, “Old Three, you can split up the family.

I will discuss with your father and brother before we split a few of the wives out.

The work will still be the same as before, so we can also divide the food and take care of them.

But your allowance must be sent to your parents and you can’t give it to her.

You also know her temper— she goes crazy easily, so it wouldn’t be wise to let her handle it.


Han Qingsong hesitated but he decided to tell the truth, “Mother, there may be no more allowances in the future.”



Not only were the men in the room startled, but the Han family’s eldest sister-in-law, who had always been a Buddhist practitioner, and the second sister-in-law exclaimed loudly, “What’s wrong, why would you no longer have an allowance “


Weren’t there more and more people becoming officers these days The entire family required his money to survive!


Eldest brother Han, did third brother make a mistake and was sent back by the troops


The old lady’s hair on her skin stood up.

Even the annoying buzzes of the mosquitoes that were flying around her no longer bothered her, “Old Three, what’s going on; you better clarify this properly!!!”


Han Qingsong, “My old injuries have relapsed and as such, I am not fit to serve in the army.

According to the regulations, I am to change my career.”


“Change careers” Old Lady Han jumped up from the kang and almost fell to the ground, but Han Qingsong quickly supported her from falling.


Old Lady Han grabbed his arm tightly, “What can you do with changing careers Have you been assigned to take on any other positions And how much will you be getting paid in the future”


A flurry of words were being spoken all at once, making the room echo with a cacophony of voices.

This made the eldest brother silence himself involuntarily, wanting but unable to bring up the concerns of his third brother’s previous injuries.


Han Qingsong shook his head, “I don’t know yet, I have to see how the arrangement turns out.”


Old Lady Han opened her mouth, but she didn’t know what to say or what sort of reaction she should have.


This was even more frightening than Lin Lan taking away 260 Yuan.


This meant that countless more ‘260 yuan’ would no longer exist in the future.


No, this is absolutely unacceptable!


“Old Three, is the army forcing you to change your career or was it you who really wanted to change it” If the old lady didn’t get the full truth out of him, she wouldn’t be able to sleep peacefully for her entire life.


Han Qingsong didn’t want to say anything more.

After all, the scenario of the ongoing internal revolution and the camp’s environment were both very complicated matters.

It wasn’t something that he could understand nor was it something that he could control, so speaking about it wouldn’t do any good either.


He looked at them, “Father, mother, it’s getting late, let’s talk about it tomorrow.”


Should he continue, answering a question would only lead to another question; by then, no one would be getting a wink of sleep.


He spoke to his eldest brother and his second brother, asking everyone to go back to their rooms to rest and resume the talk tomorrow.


When he left, second brother Han complained to the old lady.


The second sister-in-law was unhappy as well, “Separating the family is fine and all, but I should have a room to myself too.

Old Three is not home all the time, and yet, he gets to have the east kang.”


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