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“Mother, are you going to take action against her or not If this continues, she’s going to be the one in charge sooner or later!” Han family’s second sister-in-law said angrily, “I think mother should drive her back to her maternal family.

Old Three is now an officer, so there’s no need to worry about not finding a virtuous partner.

If that’s the case, why the heck are we going to insist on keeping this shrew of a tiger who is unfilial and problematic”


It happened that Lin Lan entered the yard and said with a smile, “Thank you for worrying, second sister-in-law, but don’t tire yourself out.

Don’t worry, I won’t be virtuous; I won’t ever be virtuous in this life.

However, Old Three won’t have a divorce with me either.”


Go on, be mad as I’ll indulge in your anger. 


With Han Qingsong’s nature, despite the original owner’s tantrums, he wouldn’t go as far as to divorce her for the sake of the children.

He would rather silence his own voice than attempt to care for the children and educate them on his own without the prospect of having their mother’s help.




She was too arrogant!


The old lady Han said in an unpleasant manner, “You’re really capable, aren’t you Loitering around and not going to work every single day; do you think that the county town is somewhere you can go whenever you wish”


Lin Lan smiled and said, “Even if I don’t go to work, the childrens’ father earns enough for me to eat.”


You want me to get involved with physical labour It’ll be impossible for me to exert any form of energy.

This lady has no strength, alright Even a 50-kilometre walk is already enough to make me tired.


She saw that the old lady and Han family’s second sister-in-law were very angry, but she was not at all angry as she fanned the flames, “Oh yes, Maisui went to the county town and her young aunt had accidentally torn her clothes as she was washing them.

Sigh, my poor daughter couldn’t bear for her to take the brunt of the blame.

Her young aunt then brought her to the mall to look at some leather shoes, saying that her grandmother would get her a pair.”


The old lady Han was now uprightly fuming— that 5 dollars was enough for her to grit her teeth, but now, she had the audacity to talk about leather shoes.

A pair of leather shoes costs about 7 or 8 dollars; was it something that could be bought casually


She put on a displeased expression, targeting her anger onto Maisui as she scolded, “How old is that daughter of yours Why doesn’t she look in the mirror and check out for herself if she is worthy of wearing leather shoes”


Except for her own precious little girl, no one else was worthy of leather shoes in her eyes; especially the daughter of the Third House— she was amongst the most unworthy amongst the unworthy.


Lin Lan listened to her words and started to take action.

Her true motive behind those words was to segregate the relationship between Maisui and the grandmother-aunt duo, in case the two continued to worsen the relationship between the little girl, Dawang and their mother.


She added fuel to the fire, “What sort of blasphemy is that Why can your daughter wear the leather shoes, but my daughter can’t Her father was the one who earned the money!”


Maisui heard every single word as she teared up watching Lin Lan.

She thought that her mother was protecting her and speaking up for her.


Grandmother has money to spare for the youngest aunt and not for me, but the money was earned by dad.




Maisui cried sadly, covering her face and ran back to the East Chamber to continue sulking.

She originally slept with the old lady in the East Room of the main house, disliking the fact that the room in the East Chamber was cramped, dark, smelly and full of filth.


Now, it was apparent that she had forgotten about those dislikes.


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