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As a mother, saying that one would save the money for the child’s future naturally had to be counted as the truth.

But Old Lady Han merely said that it was for show.

With so many children, she knew that there was a possibility that the money might be used on one of their emergency expenses.

Even if they only had one child, she was afraid that her son’s wife would use it.

So, she was going to save it until her last breath. 


Perhaps she might be willing to give it to her sons when she passed away, but that was the only exception.


However, she didn’t expect the old man to take her seriously.

She was going to go insane!


There was no way out of the situation though.

She still opened the closet and took out 10 Yuan… then 20 Yuan… Feeling that the old man’s eyes were like a bayonet, she gritted her teeth and took out another 50 Yuan as she threw it on the ground, “No more!”


Old Man Han endured his distress before he forcefully grabbed 50 Yuan more.


Old Lady Han felt like her heart was being stabbed repetitively as it throbbed.

She clutched her chest and laid on the kang, wailing sadly, “No! There’s no more money left at home!”


In the end, Lin Lan received 100 Yuan and the food was distributed to them according to the adequate portions.


When Old Man Han handed over the money to Lin Lan, his heart pounded, “Dawang’s mother, this money is not something that comes by easily.

Please use it sparingly and wisely, don’t spend it on other things.”


Please don’t send it back to your maternal family’s place! 


Lin Lan smiled and said, “Don’t worry father, I will definitely spend the money well.”


She still had to buy furniture, clothes, quilts, and deal with academic expenses.

Although 100 yuan looked pretty sufficient on the surface, it was still not enough to cover what she needed to buy.


She couldn’t feel that the onlookers’ eyes were brimming with jealousy as she even thought that 100 was merely nothing.

However, the by-standers were all very shocked and envious.

Their own families wouldn’t have been able to even fork out 10 Yuan, yet here there was a family being able to hand out 100 Yuan at one go.


Besides, according to the old lady’s stinginess, if she was able to take out 100 Yuan, there should be at least 500 to 800 more.


Many thought about this with gleaming eyes as they couldn’t help but gulp down a mouthful of saliva.


When Lin Lan tried to accept the money, she found that she was unable to do so as Old Man Han was holding onto that strip of cash desperately as if he was not willing to hand it over.


Lin Lan tried hard to yank it from his grasp, but she still couldn’t get the money to end up in her hands.

She immediately understood his concern and assured him, “Father, don’t worry, I will never send it back to my parents’ house.

I have five children to raise, after all.”


Only then did Old Han reluctantly let go of his hand, enabling Lin Lan to immediately take the money and stuff it into her pocket.


Everyone present not-so-subtly glanced at her pocket.


After the grains were weighed out, it was divided to the family.


They obtained a half-finished iron shovel, a broom that was about to go bald, a few dishes and chopsticks, a basket, two broken lids, cooking utensils, etc.

However, there was nothing else valuable that was given to them.


Lin Lan rolled her eyes and said, “Can we have one tree in our family Look, when I got married with my husband, we didn’t have anything at all.

Now that we’re separating our families and we have a bunch of kids, don’t you think we should get a tree or something”


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