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▶ Episode 6.

The Secret of Birth (4) 


At one point, when I felt like I was about to choke, I asked. 




Lee Beomjin was confused, but he clearly showed joy and then answered.



Your birthday, blood type… Appearance… It’s true that you’re my daughter…I… I am your father.”


As I blinked blankly in the suffocating silence, my mother shouted. 


“Don’t talk nonsense! Who’s the one who threw me away Why do you think that I didn’t tell you that I was pregnant You have no right to say that Heesun is your daughter!” 


“Who played with whom and threw it away Wasn’t it you, Lee Nahyun, who met me for money in the first place” 


“What do you mean I met you for money I was serious about you at that time! You were the one who wasn’t serious about me! It is said you were going to meet me moderately and sort things out! If you can’t do it, they said you’d make me your girlfriend after you married another woman!” 


“What are you talking about I never did!” 


“Don’t lie!” 


“I can swear on my rank! I’ve never done that!”


Lee Beomjin might be good at lying, but at that moment, he seemed to be telling the truth. 


And my mother seemed to feel the same way.

She seemed embarrassed and surprised, and at the same time, she looked like she was about to cry.


‘What’s really going on…’


So far, my life has been like a boring webtoon in terms of genre.

However, suddenly it turned into a ridiculous drama.


‘What a secret of birth!’


‘What do you mean father!’


‘Did I have a father!’


‘And even more so, that’s Hunter Lee Beomjin’


‘The most famous and revered hero in Korea’


‘Minister of Department Ability Code name Archer’


What’s in front of my eyes makes me dizzy. 


“…I want you two to talk about the past separately.

It seems that your daughter, Hunter Lee Heesun, was very shocked.”


Kim Changho, who had been watching the two of them arguing and not knowing what to do, opened his mouth. 




Lee Beomjin (Should I say Dad Oh my gosh! When do you mean Dad!) and Mom, who got up from their chairs and shouted hard at each other, sat back down quietly. 


Lee Beomjin talked to me again.






“You’re not going to work as a hunter, right”





You got accepted to Korea University, but I’m sure you’ll be able to attend quietly.

You can use camouflage artifacts or magic.

You can also change your resident registration number if you formally request it through the Ministry of Department Ability.

You have to do basic duties, but you don’t have to be a hunter.”


“Uhm, that’s possible.”


“Yes, that’s possible.

Say whatever you want.

I haven’t been able to do anything for you…so I’ll do everything for you from now on.” 


His expressionless face, which was cold until dawn, seemed to gather all the world’s affection.


‘Ugh, I can’t get used to it….’


However, I didn’t hate it. 


‘Dad… Uhm, I’m worried about Mom.’


Furthermore, judging by his hard and dark face, he didn’t seem to want this situation.


“First of all…let’s talk about the press conference.

I think it’s better to go…”


I was really confused.


However, Kim Changho was right.


– It is much better for the Hunter to reveal the information by themselves than for the information twisted by others to be revealed. 


‘I don’t want to be controlled by other beings.’


That was enough in my previous life.


‘If it can’t be avoided, it’s right to do it.

I’ll do it myself.’ 


However, I have no intention of working as a hunter. 


“But I don’t know much about press conferences.

So I will only say hello next to you.

The Minister should speak.” 


Lee Beomjin’s eyes turned to how I addressed him, which he didn’t like, but he nodded at my words. 



Kim Changho, contact the Department of Ability and let them know that Heesun is participating in the press conference and get them ready.”




Kim Changho took out his cell phone and started texting at a tremendous speed.


My mother’s face became darker.


“Nahyun-ah, let’s go together.

Please stay in the waiting room.

For Heesun.” 




“If people saw me, reporters would be on their way to this place.

Let’s go to my house.

It’ll be safe there.”


“I don’t want to.”


“You can’t be here.

If you don’t like my house, let’s go to Kim Changho’s house.

There’s a house we’re preparing to move into.

Kim Changho, as Minister of Department Ability, I will requisition your house.”


Kim Changho raised his head in a flash. 


He looked at Lee Beomjin with his eyes slightly shaking and then nodded hard.


“Yes, yes.

Go ahead.

As the Minister said, this is a house we are preparing to move into.

It has several protective magic and artifacts installed.

You don’t have to worry about intruders and invasion of privacy.”




“You have to go.

You can’t live in an apartment like this.

There will be a lot of reporters, but it will be very difficult because privacy is not protected.

That’s unlikely, but in case someone attacks you, other people may get caught up.” 


My mother finally nodded. 


We quickly packed up and headed to the front door.


‘I feel restless.’


Leaving the house all of a sudden felt a bit, no, it’s a lot. 


“I’m sorry for doing this to the door.

I’ll send someone else to fix it.”


Lee Beomjin apologized while putting a button the size of a fingernail in front of the door.


“I’ll block it with an artifact in case someone breaks in.”


We took the elevator to the parking lot in the basement.


Fortunately, we didn’t run into other people.


“Lee Beomjin, come by yourself.

Kim Changho, did you bring your car I want to ride Kim Changho’s car instead of Lee Beomjin’s car.”




My mom and I got to ride in a car that Kim Changho was driving.


‘I want to ask you this and that.’


But it wasn’t the right atmosphere.


I slipped out my phone.


I skimmed through my best friends’ chat room, which was very crazy. 


[Aera-bbyong : Is SSS class really appear] 


[I want to be a hunter: I’m the SSS!!!!]


[I want to become a hunter’s nickname changed to I’m The Real SSS.]


[Can’t be bothered to make nicknames : Heol.

For real] 


[I’m The Real SSS: Yeah!!! I’m going to take a proof shoot!] 


A photo of Yoon Kyungae (I’m The Real SSS), who wrote SSS with lipstick on her face, was uploaded. 


[Can’t be bothered to make nicknames : ㄷㄹㅈ]


[I’m The Real SSS’s nickname changed to ㄷㄹㅈ.] 


[ㄷㄹㅈ: Hey, but what is ㄷㄹㅈ]


[Aera-bbyong: Do.] 


[New Year’s Eve: Re.] 


[I am the Future Lady of Archer: Mi] 


[ㄷ ㄹ ㅈ: Fa So La Si.] 


[King Gwanggaeto: Fa.] 


[King Gwanggaeto: Slow]


[Can’t be bothered to make nicknames : It’s Crazy.] 


[ㄷ ㄹ ㅈ’s nickname changed to crazy.] 


[Crazy: Let’s go crazy together.

The power of friendship rises!!!]


[Can’t be bothered to make nicknames: Let’s not do it with the power of friendship]


They were just playing like friends.


Thanks to it, I’ve come to my senses.


[I am the Future Lady of Archer: I heard on the news that she’s timid and cute enough that she’s less than 155cm.]


[I am the Future Lady of Archer: Honestly, no one is cute among us.] 


[Crazy: Heesun is cute.

And she’s small.

Although she is definitely never timid.]


[Crazy: Heesun, you, don’t tell me, are you SSS] 


[Crazy: She didn’t even answer my call.] 


[New Year’s Eve : One vote for Heesun is sleeping.] 


Two votes, three votes, and so on came up.


[King Gwanggaeto : Why can’t I see Bbangsoonie Looking at the 2nd letter, neither Heesun nor Bbangsoonie are reading.]


[Crazy: I called, but no one answered.

Maybe they’re asleep] 


[Aera-bbyong: I’m going to sleep, too]


The chat room became quiet after a series of good-night emoticons.


Suddenly, I realized.


‘Bbangsoonie is still not looking at the message.’


It was strange.


Baek Youngsoon, also known as Bbangsoonie, loved mobile phones so much that he was no different from an obsessive protagonist against mobile phones.


He was a child who would never let it go out of his hand unless it was unavoidable.


‘No way, did it break Or did he lose it’


Or it could have been that he had overslept while watching the ability test broadcast until dawn.


‘I’ll find out when I go to school later—.

Oh, today is Saturday.

Can I go to school on monday I don’t think I can go.’


Maybe it wasn’t just next Monday, it could have been forever. 




I thought about it for a while, but I couldn’t write anything on the chat, so I put my phone in my pocket.


Then the car slowed down slowly.


“Oh, it’s the Hunter district!” 


Since the opening of the dungeon, Seoul no longer boasts the highest land price in Korea.


Currently, the most expensive place is Ilsan.


This was because hunters who could protect the common people in case of an emergency lived there.

And the place where the first dungeon was created in Korea was at Ilsan Lake Park.


Naturally, the Department of Ability building, the central Hunter Center, and the famous guild headquarters were all built one after the other on the Lake Park’s side. 


The so-called Hunter district area boasted a tremendous amount of land.


‘The closer the Lake Park is, the more expensive it is for a detached house rather than an apartment.’


Kim Changho’s car was moving into a large and luxurious-looking housing complex. 


The Lake Park was also right in front of us.


“Do you live here”


I was a little bit excited to go to a district I’d only seen on the Internet.




“As expected, A-class Hunter!”


“Before I joined the Department of Ability, I earned more than 100 billion won from working as a Hunter.

It’s the amount excluding taxes.”




“You can earn like this if you go around the dungeon as a hunter.

Of course, you can get rich enough in other ways without going around the dungeon.

Hunter Lee Heesun is a wizard, so you can earn a lot more.

There are a lot of areas where magic can be used.

You can get rich in no time.”


“I see!”


I felt like my eyes were spinning.


‘Rich! Rich!’


“Yes, it is.

Hunter Lee Heesun passed the Korea University Medical School from time to time, and of course, being a doctor is a great job.

But a higher-level hunter can save a lot more people than a doctor and make more money.

It’s not even comparable.

You can buy your mother a pharmacy as much as you want.

No, you can buy a hospital.” 


“Kim Changho-ssi, how did you know that Heesun passed Korea University Lee Beomjin said that earlier, you did a background check, right Isn’t that illegal”


My mother interfered coldly. 


“…It is not illegal for the Department of Ability to investigate Hunters.” 


“Then what about investigating Hunter’s family Given that you’re mentioning pharmacies, I’m guessing you’ve investigated me as well, but isn’t that illegal”




Kim Changho was drenched in sweat and then shouted.


“W, we’ve arrived! That’s my house!”


I couldn’t see inside because of the three-story fence, but the house looked very spacious from the outside. 


The door of the garage opened automatically.


There were ten more cars inside that looked very expensive.


‘Wow! That, is that Bugatti Charon!’


Among the group chat room friends, there is a girl who is a big fan of Lee Beomjin enough to use the nickname ‘I am the Future Lady of Archer’.


Her name is Wang Shinhee, and that brat showed me a picture of that car before. 


-The Bugatti Company has presented Bugatti Charon to all transcendents around the world! Of course to our Archer-nim! 


‘But why is it in the house of A-class Hunter Kim Changho Perhaps…’


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