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Chapter 255: Rule

The rules of The Heaven’s Arena prevented more than a one-on-one fight.

However, this wasn’t an ordinary match, but a Floor Masters’ battle.

Therefore, the rules can be changed.

“How do you want to fight” The 221st Floor master stared sharply at Allan and asked.

“Because we have the number advantage, people will mock us if we win due to it, and we don’t want to bully you, so you can choose the rules.” The 230th-floor master said.

The other floor masters had no problem with this.

After all, they were quite confident in defeating Allan with their numbers.

No matter how Allan fights, it is impossible to win against them all.

Therefore, they let Allan decide the rules.

As long as he didn’t choose something excessive, they will agree.

Of course, this seemingly magnanimous behavior was due to their confidence in winning the match.

In their eyes, Allan won’t win no matter what kind of rule he made.

Allan looked at the four of them and smiled: “Since I’m allowed to make the rules, then in this game, there is no restriction, nothing matters, it will be a life and deathmatch, what do you think”

Upon hearing this, the four of them sneered.

“Everything goes as long as you win, and a life and death match at that Interesting.”

“In other words, you want to fight to the death with the four of us, until you fall or we do”

Allan nodded: “In this game, only one side will walk off the ring, the loser will end up in the morgue.

Will you accept those rules”

“Haha, interesting, I have to say, you’re crazy.”

The four were surprised by Allan.

A deathmatch was to their advantage in the end, so they didn’t object.

They didn’t think that Allan had the power to actually kill the four of them.

Allan stared sharply at the four and said calmly: “A piece of advice, you four can have a shot first before I kill you one by one.

It’s best if you show your best skills right from the start.

Otherwise, you will regret not doing so.”

Hearing Allan’s advice, the four Floor Masters became gloomy.

“What an arrogant guy.”

“You’re alone, and you think you can beat the four of us.”

Allan sneered: “Try it and you will know.”

The fight was about to start.

The floor masters surrounded Allan and started their attacks.

Allan didn’t want to end the match quickly, so he held back and fought them.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

All of a sudden, the five figures on the ring flew back and forth with their auras colliding.

In terms of physical ability, those four were as strong as Kastro.

However, even fighting four to one, Allan was still relaxed.

The four Floor Masters quickly realized that Allan was strong and exceeded their estimations.

They decided to go all out to ensure that Allan is the one who will lose in the end.

Faced with the full power of the floor masters, Allan got a little serious.

Of course, he was only a little serious with physical skills, he still didn’t use the stronger abilities and skills.

The floor masters decided to use Nen.

The floor master of the 221st floor used his ability first.

He was an enhancer and the most powerful of the four masters.

His fighting style is simple, using his hands as a weapon and he was good at close combat.

His Nen ability can greatly increase his power in a short time, which he called explosive mode.

He can last 3 minutes in this mode and his power increases 3 times.

Allan wasn’t surprised by this at all, instead, he expected it.

After all, he faced many enhancers before and knew that their style may seem different but in the end, it was straightforward with a lot of destruction involved.

Right now, this explosive mode of the 221st Floor’s master was dangerous for anyone else, but unfortunately, he was facing Allan.

Therefore, even with triple power, it wasn’t enough to defeat Allan.

Once the three minutes passed, the power boost ended.

As soon as it did, Allan killed him with his lightning mode and then turned back.

Seeing this, the floor masters became serious.

Allan’s speed was so fast, they could react at all.


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